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Why Do You Offer These Services?

LaShana Lewis helping students during ChicTech, a girl's coding camp.

Going up to your nearby black, latinx, gay, or female employee and asking "Why aren't there enough or more of you?" is probably not recommended. As a matter of fact, it's downright offensive to most. Asking anyone to be the spokesperson for their demographic community can come with a bevy of frustrated, hurt feelings and the inevitable lawsuit. We don't do that.

What we do is become that person for you: the one that you can walk up to and actually ask that question and get an answer without feeling like you might offend, insult, or alienate a particular community. Need more people of color? We can tell you what can change in your recruiting, retention, and hiring methods to achieve that goal. Need someone on retainer while you grow to help balance out demographics as you go along? We can do that, too.

But the real question is why we offer these services? Well, LaShana Lewis has been doing this for friends, family, and business owners for years. She has dedicated some time to understanding what is involved with bringing a segregated community together, while exploring the realms of the tech industry and help it with its own goals. LaShana takes the time to see what it is that separates people into different sections, and try to build bridges to allow them to cross.

Do we point fingers and say what you're doing wrong and walk away? Or give you a boilerplate of vague steps to follow? No. We walk you through. We understand that you're not going to know or have all the answers. That's not the point of growing and doing better as a business. What is a part is understanding, with an open mind, what small steps you can take to snowball into a better, more well-rounded business structure with a diverse employee base. That's what you want. We help you get there.

Have questions for us, or want more in-depth knowledge of the services we offer? Contact us at the bottom of our homepage. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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